Infusing Toronto streets with “random beauty”

Every summer, artists of the Bell Box Murals Projects paint outdoor utility boxes to represent Toronto neighbourhoods Adorned with nothing but unintelligible labels and the odd graffiti tag, the outdoor utility box rarely impresses its beholder. And this ability to camouflage with its immediate surroundings—to repel rather than attract attention—is perhaps inherent in its design. […]

[WATCH] Full stomachs, full hearts: homage to Furama bakery’s indelible legacy

It’s hard to imagine a Chinatown without Furama. Buying your favourite pastries at a Chinese bakery is a childhood rite of passage almost every Canadian-born Chinese (colloquially shortened to “CBC”) person holds dear. As a child, there was nothing as exhilarating as the sight of sweet buns in the domed display cases at a Chinese […]

Toronto cyclists to celebrate new bike lanes along Danforth Avenue and Bloor Street

By Ali Raza, Beach Metro NewsMon Sep 28 2020 09:21 Toronto’s cycling advocates say “keep going” on the city’s expanded bike lanes that were installed over the summer in response to COVID−19. As part of the city’s recovery program, 40 kilometres of new bike lanes were installed across Bloor Street and Danforth Avenue. The new […]

Dafonte Miller says assault by off-duty cop changed his view of police

By Paola Loriggio, The Canadian PressSep 25 2020 13:36:28 OSHAWA, Ont. — A young Black man who was assaulted by an off-duty Toronto police officer more than three years ago said the incident permanently changed his life and the way he views police. Dafonte Miller laid out the lingering impact of the Dec. 28, 2016 […]