Conservative MP David Sweet calls for an end to lockdowns over mental health concerns

On March 3, Conservative MP David Sweet joined MPP Roman Baber at Queen’s Park to demand an end to the provincial lockdown. The Flamborough-Glanbrook MP raised concerns over the negative mental health effects as well as substance abuse caused by the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, urging Ontario to move to the Green Zone. “Lockdowns, by their […]

A lone Ontario MPP’s war against a second lockdown

Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier is not singing from the official government songbook on the province’s latest round of hardline measures. Hillier has long been the odd man out in Ontario politics. Expelled from the PC Caucus by Ford in early 2019, Hillier has proven a genuine maverick his entire career.

[WATCH] Randy Hillier hosts secret gathering in defiance of lockdown measures Despite large gatherings being declared illegal by the government, a crowd of a hundred gathered to hear speakers Randy Hillier, Rocco Galati and  Maxime Bernier on the COVID-19 measures.  At 10:00am on October 21, 2020, an unmasked crowd was gathered north of Queen’s Park Boulevard, at the rear of Edward the VII’s equestrian statue.  […]