The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how students cheat – and get caught

By Vjosa Isai, National ObserverMon Sep 28 2020 09:50 Campus lockdowns triggered by the COVID−19 pandemic led exam halls across the country to go virtual last spring. At the University of British Columbia, math instructor Elyse Yeager and her colleagues were counting on about 1,000 first−year students to respect the honour system during their online […]

How I obtained a conscientious exemption from mask-wearing at school for my child

Originally published September 24, 2020 by Richard Enos via Collective Evolution I have studied the principles of natural law, and I am clear that the inherent freedom of choice of every individual is the ultimate foundation of life on Earth. How these principles became the basis for real-world action occurred when I heard that my school […]

Ontario business schools foster ‘hostile environment,’ racialized students say

By Osobe Waberi, The Canadian Press   Business school students in Ontario are sounding the alarm about what they call outright racism from fellow students and a lack of equity and diversity training among faculty. A number of social media accounts have popped up in recent months, anonymously recounting stories of racism happening in universities […]

“Teachers say they’re preparing for online and in-class lessons with little guidance”

An ever−fluctuating set of back−to−school guidelines from Ontario’s Ministry of Education has left Rosen with little information about how to approach delivering learning materials both in class and online. The province is giving parents the option to keep kids out of the classroom and have them learn from home, with materials provided by their schools.

And in two dozen school boards, including the Toronto District School Board for which Rosen works, high schoolers will do remote, online learning half the time.