MPP Randy Hillier calling for signatures to end the lockdown

For all those that are looking to put their names out there that don’t see the lockdown as an effective means to deal with the Sars-Cov-2 virus (COVID-19), Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MPP Randy Hillier is with you. He has a petition to end the lockdown and is looking for signatures to join him. You can read what he […]

A lone Ontario MPP’s war against a second lockdown

Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier is not singing from the official government songbook on the province’s latest round of hardline measures. Hillier has long been the odd man out in Ontario politics. Expelled from the PC Caucus by Ford in early 2019, Hillier has proven a genuine maverick his entire career.

Ontario COVID-19 vaccine task force and Biden’s mask plan

Premier Doug Ford is expected to unveil Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine task force today. Ford said yesterday the team is being finalized and the province will be ready to distribute the vaccine whenever it arrives. The task force will include medical, information technology, and logistics experts. Earlier this month, the province announced retired Gen. Rick Hillier […]

“We ask for an open debate, where all experts are represented without any form of censorship”: Belgium medical doctors and health professionals over COVID-19

A letter signed by 394 medical doctors, 1,340 medically trained health professionals, and 8,897 citizens has made a global impact on public health authorities. It pertains to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation.

US, UK say first COVID vaccinations expected before Christmas as new cases slow: Live updates

Summary NYC announces plans to reopen in-person education LA starts 3-week lockdown Surgeon General says COVID vaccination to start in mid-December UK officials say vaccinations to start before Christmas China detects virus on seafood packaging German authority warns virus isn’t slowing fast enough for Christmas Colo. Gov tests positive Czech Republic plans to ease lockdown […]

WHO and Lancet investigations into pandemic’s origins lack independence and credibility

Newly announced teams of investigators are conflicted, biased and/or China-approved Those looking for a credible independent investigation into the origins of the current pandemic, including whether the virus leaked from a lab, have expressed dismay at the WHO and the Lancet Commission’s announcements of their teams of investigators and the WHO investigation’s terms of reference. […]