Why is Facebook banning users who share the “Plandemic” movie?

What Happened Facebook has halted users from sharing the link to the “Plandemic movie.” Now, part 2 called Plandemic: Indoctornation has been released and millions are feeling incredibly moved by the information, but are not allowed to share it on social media. According to a recent article published in Forbes, the film promotes what is […]

Fauci foils latest ‘bombshell’ – “Trump didn’t distort anything”

Update (1445ET): Well that didn’t take long. Woodward’s apparent ‘gotcha’ moment which is now spreading in an interestingly coordinated fashion across the MSM has been out-bombshell’d by none other than Dr.Fauci (he who speaks science truth and is above reproach).   Fauci just went on Fox News and said that President Trump “did not distort anything […]