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Health Canada recommends 40 to 45 amplification for the PCR test, suggesting that 98% of daily COVID-19 case reports are false positives

Canada confirms it is recommending 40 to 45 amplification for the PCR test for COVID-19. INN24 has many articles reviewing the PCR test showing that amplification over 30 has a 98% false positive and the PCR test was testing load not infection. The daily reporting of COVID of this metric is completely unreliable and one we should not be basing actions on.

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Human rights attorney places educational ministers and public officials on notice, halting the encroaching ‘Fourth Reich’

Attorney Leigh Dundas stands tall to a packed room for the Health and Freedom rally in April 2021, stating ‘NEVER BOW DOWN TO TYRANNY’, her words pierce through the COVID narrative. She calls out the eugenics moment, informed parental consent, vaccine passports, and ties the COVID time line and narrative to Hitler’s rise to power.

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