The News Scan – 2021/02/03

A bouncing backpack that generates electricity, The Border Patrol Calls Itself a Humanitarian Organization. Dozens of Toronto businesses plan to reopen next week in defiance of lockdown orders. Proud Boys added to Canada’s list of terrorist groups Public health of Canada got back to Scott and stated that Canada uses 40 to 45 Ct. Level

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Watch behind the scenes of INN24’s editorial decisions, where Scott Cameron (Executive Producer), Thomas Sniedzins (Editor-in-Chief) and Pan M (Senior Editor) scan the news feed and discuss how to cover the latest stories.

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Health Canada recommends 40 to 45 amplification for the PCR test, suggesting that 98% of daily COVID-19 case reports are false positives

Canada confirms it is recommending 40 to 45 amplification for the PCR test for COVID-19. INN24 has many articles reviewing the PCR test showing that amplification over 30 has a 98% false positive and the PCR test was testing load not infection. The daily reporting of COVID of this metric is completely unreliable and one we should not be basing actions on.

Will Bill C-10 end online freedoms of expression?

After considerable backlash for potentially infringing on the freedom of expression, the Liberal government says it won’t regulate user-generated content on social media platforms, but experts warn this overextension of power to regulate the internet is not as innocuous as it seems.