Rutgers to stop fossil fuel investments

Rutgers University will divest from fossil fuel investments and has pledged to invest more in sustainability and exit private fossil fuel investments. This was achieved

Recent drop in emissions from China may speed up ozone layer recovery

What’s good for the planet is good for us all! According to New Scientist, the ozone layer may recover more quickly than initially thought. This is all thanks to the emission reduction in China of a banned ozone depleting gas. Trichlorofluoromethane (CFC-11) – a tongue twister, isn’t it?

Africa is Planting Tens of Millions of Trees in the Desert

Africa is planting millions of trees in a project called the Great Green Wall. In 2007, African Union proposed a 4,350 mile cross-continental barrier. By 2020, the Sahelian nations had only completed 4% of the project.