Dutch police violently assault peaceful protestors

Are freedom and human rights just an illusion in developed countries? People are beaten, arrested, silenced, fined, and oppressed for protesting questionable COVID restrictions. Why are people’s voices being suppressed? About 2,000 people protested the Dutch government’s COVID-19 lockdown regulations at The Hague last Sunday. What started as a peaceful protest of civilians repudiating vaccines, […]

“Eileen de Villa claimed to be an occupant of my property … then hired the Toronto police service as a third party to come and enforce that act” INNterview with Adam Skelly, owner of Adamson BBQ, on Ontario lockdowns and $187,000 fine

The City of Toronto changed the locks of Adamson BBQ after Dr. de Villa, medical officer of health for the city, invoked section 22 to close the property and fined Skelly $187,000 for 200 police officers deployed for the action. She also stated that she had reasonable beliefs that a communicable disease was present on the property.

Police fire teargas in Montreal protest

Police deployed teargas without warning onto demonstrators in Montreal during last weekend’s peaceful anti-lockdown protest. It’s estimated that at least 3,000-5,000 people attended the protest, where demonstrators voiced their concerns about Premier Legault’s lockdown measures. Police were out in full force on the streets, using megaphones to threaten crowds with hefty thousand-dollar fines for disobeying […]