Psychedelic drug could ‘reset’ brain

Researchers believe a hallucinogen drug may be the answer for treating depression. The powerful drug is currently being trialled, and researchers think it could ‘reset’ the depressed brain. The breakthrough could benefit those who don’t respond well to traditional pills for depression. Participants in the trial will be given the drug, which will be followed […]

Researchers to win Abel prize for algorithmic study

In a world powered by algorithms, two mathematicians have helped pioneer the field of computational complexity — that is, the study of the speed and efficiency of algorithms. László Lovász of Budapest, Hungary, and Avi Wigderson of Princeton, US, will share this year’s Abel prize, often described as the Nobel prize of mathematics. Computational complexity […]

Fungi turns rotting wood into electricity

A team of scientists led by Ingo Burgert at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, found a way to transform wood into clean electricity by treating it with fungi. When the pressure is applied to wood, an electric charge is produced. This process has been discussed since the 1940s, but the small amount of energy the process produced […]

Pigs really can play video games

According to a new study, pigs can play video games with a clear understanding of the game’s concept. Published in Frontiers in Psychology, the study displayed an experiment in which pigs had to control a cursor on screen using a joystick and get the cursor to collide with a figure on the screen. The study […]

Study: double masking adds only 4% more protection

Japanese researchers at Kobe University and Riken used a Fugaku supercomputer to simulate the benefits of double masking, concluding that wearing two masks provides only marginal benefits compared to wearing one. The simulation showed that a single surgical, non-woven mask had 85% effectiveness in blocking particles when worn correctly over the nose and mouth. Adding […]