US, UK say first COVID vaccinations expected before Christmas as new cases slow: Live updates

Summary NYC announces plans to reopen in-person education LA starts 3-week lockdown Surgeon General says COVID vaccination to start in mid-December UK officials say vaccinations to start before Christmas China detects virus on seafood packaging German authority warns virus isn’t slowing fast enough for Christmas Colo. Gov tests positive Czech Republic plans to ease lockdown […]

Over half young American adults now live with their parents

In the last few decades, young adults have faced harsh economic realities – from the financial crisis in 2008 to this year’s global pandemic, both triggering catastrophic losses in jobs and financial stability. And while the widespread effects of COVID-19 have yet to be fully captured, Visual Capitalist’s Aran Ali notes that young adults are […]

Massive armada of IRGC boats mobilize in Gulf amid rumors, Israeli strike imminent

The naval forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Thursday conducted large-scale exercises in the Strait of Hormuz at a moment Tehran believes Israel will launch a preemptive strike aimed at drawing Trump into ordering US military action in the region before he leaves office in January. According to state-run English language PressTV, “The […]