Amazon redesigns “Hitleresque” logo

eCommerce giant Amazon has amended its mobile app logo that prompted some internet users to draw comparisons with the leader of the Third Reich. The pictorial mark featured a package with the Amazon smile motif and a strip of blue packing tape, which some said resembled the toothbrush moustache Adolf Hitler wore. Following customer feedback, […]

N.L. won’t release pre-election COVID data under Cabinet Confidentiality protection

Can we trust the government when laws are designed to protect politicians from releasing information to the public based on political career strategy? Recently Premier Doug Ford said during a conference at Humber College, ” There is no politician in this country that is going to disagree with their chief medical officer. They might as […]

Police attempt to arrest Chris Sky on IG live

If the Quarantine Act states that a person with a medical exemption has the right to not wear a mask in public places without proving or disclosing the medical reason, should people be arrested and fined for not wearing masks? Over the weekend, anti-lockdown activist Chris Sky went on live Instagram and told his audience […]