Mississippi Gov. bans transgender athletes from women’s sports

Mississippi Republican Governor Tate Reeves recently signed a bill preventing transgender athletes from competing in female sports teams. The bill, known as Senate Bill 2536, is set to become law on July 1, although legal action is possible before then. Mississippi is the first state in the US to enact a ban of this nature. […]

Advocacy group calls for quarantine hotel policy to be scrapped

A constitutional rights advocacy group filed an application with Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice against the government’s mandatory quarantine hotel policy. The Canadian Constitution Foundation is calling on the government to scrap the policy, which requires returning travellers from abroad to stay in a federally approved hotel for at least the first three nights of […]

Police fire teargas in Montreal protest

Police deployed teargas without warning onto demonstrators in Montreal during last weekend’s peaceful anti-lockdown protest. It’s estimated that at least 3,000-5,000 people attended the protest, where demonstrators voiced their concerns about Premier Legault’s lockdown measures. Police were out in full force on the streets, using megaphones to threaten crowds with hefty thousand-dollar fines for disobeying […]

Deepfake creator wants viewers to ‘think twice’

Chris Ume, creator of viral Tom Cruise deepfake, said that he wanted viewers to “start thinking twice” about the content they are watching and that they may be fabricated, despite how realistic it may appear. Deepfakes typically involve a picture or video where a person or object is manipulated to say or do something else. […]