[WATCH] Sowing Seeds of Change: INNterview with Alicia Serratos

Meet Alicia Serratos, the 14-year-old environmental activist who sent seed library kits to every state in the US during the pandemic. “A Seed Library is just like a regular library, but instead of checking out books, you’re checking out seeds,” Serratos said. She wants kids and adults alike to think about where the food we […]

Fungi turns rotting wood into electricity

A team of scientists led by Ingo Burgert at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, found a way to transform wood into clean electricity by treating it with fungi. When the pressure is applied to wood, an electric charge is produced. This process has been discussed since the 1940s, but the small amount of energy the process produced […]

The nano sponge that can soak up oil spills in freezing Arctic waters

Scientists have uncovered a sponge that can soak up 99% of oil in the freezing Arctic water. The nano-engineered sponge can clean up oil spills as it is covered in a paraffin-like material that helps it work even in frigid-temperature water. NewScientist reported that oil spills happen at a worrying frequency and that in the […]

Watanabe drives Raptors’ popularity in Japan

The Toronto Raptors are now the most popular NBA team in Japan, besting the Golden State Warriors and even the LA Lakers, according to sales from its merchandise store. This first-place title can be attributed to Yuta Watanabe, the 26-year-old forward who has worked from the bench to become part of the Toronto rotation this […]

Scientists find space rock older than Earth

Scientists have discovered a fragment of a protoplanet in an Algerian dune sea, a remote region of the Sahara desert, in spring 2020. The meteorite is known as Erg Chech 002 (EC 002) and has existed before the earth was born, dating back about 4.566 billion years. It is the oldest known lava that has […]