Pigs really can play video games

According to a new study, pigs can play video games with a clear understanding of the game’s concept. Published in Frontiers in Psychology, the study displayed an experiment in which pigs had to control a cursor on screen using a joystick and get the cursor to collide with a figure on the screen. The study […]

Heavy rain forces Maui residents to evacuate

Mayor Michael Victorino of Maui County, Hawaii, has issued an evacuation for some residents due to heavy rainfall and flooding, amid fears of dam failure. The extreme weather has already destroyed over half a dozen homes, trapping residents in their houses as water levels rise. “The current weather has created a very dangerous flooding situation […]

Former Liberal MP hired sister with public funds

Members of Parliament are demanding former Liberal MP Yasmin Ratansi to reimburse the House of Commons C$9,391.27, as decided by the Board of Internal Economy. Ratansi had violated a parliamentary bylaw by employing her sister in her constituency office for over three years, using public funds. The denomination includes termination and severance pay amounts given […]

Study: double masking adds only 4% more protection

Japanese researchers at Kobe University and Riken used a Fugaku supercomputer to simulate the benefits of double masking, concluding that wearing two masks provides only marginal benefits compared to wearing one. The simulation showed that a single surgical, non-woven mask had 85% effectiveness in blocking particles when worn correctly over the nose and mouth. Adding […]