Toronto General 4th best hospital in the world

Toronto General Hospital has ranked fourth in the global ranking of top hospitals conducted by Newsweek and Statistica. This is the second consecutive year the 202-year-old hospital achieved this ranking, besting 2000 other facilities from 25 countries. Rochester’s Mayo Clinic topped the list, followed by Cleveland Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital. Part of the University […]

YouTube cancels Myanmar military-run channels

YouTube has decided to cancel five Myanmar military-run channels on its platform for a violation of its community guidelines and terms of service. The decision came following Facebook’s earlier announcement that it suspended all Myanmar military-linked pages from its site and from Instagram. The move comes after an over-month-long string of deadly protests have been […]

Troops at Capitol hospitalized due to bad food

A number of National Guard troops in Washington DC have been hospitalized after consuming food containing metal shavings and feathers. Michigan members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to the chief of the National Guard, Gen. Daniel Hokanson, on Tuesday, sharing their discontent with the findings. It was also found that the meat […]