YouTuber Viva Frei talks lockdown effects across Canada with JCCF president

Is the lockdown hurting or protecting Canadians?
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Canadian Lawyer and YouTuber David Freiheit, also known as Viva Frei, held a live stream on February 11 with the president and founder of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), John Carpay, in which they discussed COVID-19 and the ongoing lockdown across parts of Canada.

Carpay explained in the live stream that his team and himself are “representing people all over Canada who have had thousand-dollar tickets just for peacefully exercising their Charter freedoms.”

“We’re taking on these cases, and we’re gonna give the government a run for its money,” Carpay stated. 

“If you want a conviction, you better bring some evidence about the need for these lockdown measures, and you better show us the science,” he added, about the government.

On March 17, 2020, the Government of Ontario declared the first state of emergency in the province due to COVID-19, and a week later, on March 24, Premier Ford announced the closure of all non-essential businesses.

On December 26, Ontario went into lockdown and has been under a stay-at-home order since.

The JCCF is questioning whether government claims about the deadliness of the COVID-19 virus are true, with Carpay stating that lockdown measures violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in many ways.

Effects of the lockdown

“These lockdowns violate our religious freedom, very clearly with restrictions on churches,” Carpay stated. “It violates [Canadians’] freedom of association because it’s illegal to have your mother over for Christmas dinner.”

He went on to add that the lockdown measures violate freedom of assembly “because it’s illegal to protest.”

He said that the JCCF aims to ask the court to “strike down the health orders as being unjustified violations” of Canadians’ Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“These lockdown measures are doing a lot of harm,” Carpay said, assuring viewers of the live stream that the JCCF intends to put the evidence before the court.

In addition, Carpay said that there have been “increases in opioid overdoses and deaths, increases in mental health disorders … spousal abuse, child abuse, unemployment,” and more, stating that all of these subjects are a result of lockdown harms.

Since the pandemic, Canada has witnessed an increase in opioid overdoses and deaths as well as deteriorating mental health.

Ontario is currently under a strict lockdown with a total of 283,587 cases and 6,632 deaths across the province.

Premier Doug Ford pictured at a press conference. Photo: Courtesy of Frank Gunn / The Canadian Press

In Canada, there have been a total of 819,278 cases to this day and 21,130 deaths.

The high numbers have led to shutdowns and lockdowns across parts of the country, but Carpay questions whether the lockdowns have had the positive effect that the government believes.

“Where’s your evidence that lockdowns have saved any lives at all [and] on what basis would you say that if we had not had lockdowns way more people would have died?” Carpay questioned. “[It’s] easy to claim, hard to prove.”

“We have not had an increase in deaths in 2020 [in Canada], which tells us that COVID is not an unusually deadly killer,” Carpay said. He argued that the virus cannot be compared to something like the Spanish flu, which is estimated to have killed at least 50 million worldwide.

Hospital overcrowding and the Canadian healthcare system

When it comes to overcrowding in hospitals and hallway healthcare in Canada, Carpay believes that this issue existed long before COVID-19 rolled around.

“It is intellectually dishonest to pretend that hospitals are now overcrowded because of COVID, [that] it’s a brand new problem, and we should all be afraid of it,” Carpay said.

“The fact is, in every province, we have had hallway medicine for years,” he said, adding that “Canadian healthcare is amongst the most expensive in the world, but our outcomes are poor.”

“We have a really rotten healthcare system … we’ve had overcrowded hospitals for decades,” Carpay pointed out.

The lawyer explained to viewers of Viva Frei’s live stream that Canada has a “long-standing problem” of overcrowding and that it’s dishonest for the government to say that COVID-19 is going to “overrun the health care system.”

The Government of Ontario updated its COVID-19 data on February 12, in which it displayed that there are currently 763 hospitalizations in the province, including 295 in ICU and 204 on ventilators.

In his conversation with Carpay, Freiheit said that discussions on the healthcare system have been “radically politicized and demonized” to an extent, making it a debatable topic.

Reliability of PCR testing

Carpay questioned the reliability of PCR testing for COVID-19, stating that they are “highly unreliable” and were not “designed to diagnose COVID in the first place.”

COVID-19 swab test. Photo: Courtesy of The’ N. Pham/The Virginian-Pilot via AP.

He went on to add that PCR testing, which stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, may show “some remnants of a dead virus, whether it’s COVID [or it] could be something else.”

Carpay argued in the live stream that he believes the tests are so unreliable that when, for example, a thousand new cases are reported, he believes there are way fewer cases as the test can pick up other things.

INN24 conducted an investigation into PCR testing and found that the Kingston Medical Science Center uses 40 to 45 Ct levels for COVID-19 tests, even though expert studies have shown that anything over 30 should not be used.

Challenging the courts

“We are taking the lockdowns to court,” Carpay said in the live stream, adding that the JCCF is “pulling out all the stops, getting expert medical reports, challenging PCR testing [and] going after government data on the number of deaths.”

In a statement released by the JCCF on February 12, it stated that they intend to “file legal action against the Federal Government on or before Wednesday, February 17.”

It is in response to the Prime Minister’s announcement that Canadians returning from trips abroad will have to quarantine in hotels at their own cost, which will be approximately $2,000 per traveller. 

The JCCF, which represents 13 individuals already in the new lawsuit, announced that they have received “thousands of emails” from travelling Canadians who are not happy about the new mandatory hotel quarantine, which is set to become effective as of February 22. 

In the statement, the JCCF said Canadians would be “forced to have a COVID PCR test specifically, to board an airplane to return to Canada, and then be forced to take another PCR test on arrival, and be forcibly quarantined for a minimum of three days.”

Once the lawsuit is finalized, it will be served to the Trudeau government. 

The JCCF stated that the lawsuit would include an affidavit from a Scarborough man who was forcibly detained for three days in a Toronto hotel upon his return to Canada, despite having a negative antigen test that cost him $130.

Government spending and the role of the media

Freiheit brought up the topic of government spending on COVID-19 awareness and advertisements and said that the amount of money being spent is enormous.

“I find it shocking and outrageous,” Freiheit told Carpay. He added that the Quebec provincial government is spending upwards of “$13 million a month on COVID awareness.”

The pair also spoke about the media’s role in COVID-19 awareness and the spread of information, with Freiheit saying, “the media is in bed with the government.”

“On one hand, the media survives off federal subsidies or federal grants,” Freiheit said, “there’s an instinct not to bite the hand that feeds you.”

Freiheit hinted that the media is reluctant to question government policies and ask the “hard questions” as a result.

The role of top doctors in politics

Carpay explained that people sometimes argue that lawyers such as himself are not the best source for information when it comes to viruses like COVID-19. 

He went on to add that some of the top doctors of provinces and cities are politically appointed and that some do not have the qualifications to make decisions about lockdowns.

“You have doctors that have zero expertise in epidemiology, and these doctors are quite happy to grab the microphone and say “the government should impose more severe lockdowns,”” Carpay stated.

Carpay went on to add that he believes it is “very dangerous to put our entire democracy into the hands of one professional.”

“People are so afraid of dying that they’ve forgotten how to live,” Carpay said. 

As the COVID-19 virus continues to infect people worldwide, it is still unclear whether the virus is as dangerous as initially believed when the pandemic began in early 2020, Carpay said.

It is no doubt that the pandemic has taken a toll on the lives of many, whether it be through deteriorating mental health, overdoses and substance abuse, or dealing with unemployment and the struggles of keeping a small business running.

While the topic of the lockdown will always be controversial, Carpay reminded viewers that “there’s more to life than not dying of COVID.”

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