Supporters rally and round dance to help Mi’kmaq lobster fishers fight for treaty rights

TORONTO—Promptly at 3:46 PM on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, upwards of a hundred participants of First Nations’ Land Defenders formed a multi-layered circle at the north-west quadrant of Yonge-Dundas Square. Encouraged by mild Fall weather, the considerable turnout slowly grew under the watchful gaze of a significant police presence. Forty-five minutes before the event began […]

[WATCH] The News Scan

Watch behind the scenes of INN24’s editorial decisions, where Scott Cameron (Executive Producer), Thomas Sniedzins (Editor-in-Chief) and Pan M (Senior Editor) scan the news feed and discuss how to cover the latest stories.

Fast fashion company SHEIN steals design, again

LOS ANGELES — On November 30, independent artist Kaia Tseng, better known as Kaiami, tweeted that SHEIN, a famous fast-fashion brand, duplicated her design for an enamel pin. The company was selling the counterfeit at a fraction of the original price on Tseng’s  online store.  The dupe has since been removed from SHEIN’s website, but […]

Australias’ COVID-19 vaccine produced false H.I.V positives in trial volunteers

Australia has canceled an order for 51 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines, roughly a $750 million plan due to the vaccine producing false positive test results for H.I.V in some of the volunteers participating in a trial study. With dozens of coronavirus vaccines being tested worldwide, Australian vaccine  developed by University of Queensland and biotech […]