Corbett Report Bill Gates Documentary Series

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Bill Gates is a man who has been leveraging his wealth and influence to forge public policy and affect millions of lives. In this two hour documentary, James Corbett reveals the impact and power this one man wields over the globe.


Time Stamps 
00:24 – 01:16: PART 1 Who is Bill Gates? 
02:02 – How Bill Gates monopolized global health (past Gates career highlights)
02:22 Case of USA vs Microsoft: Antitrust laws infringement and monopoly.
02:50-03:32 Gates investigation evasion 

04:10-04:52 Bill gates hit by pies ‘sneak attack’ 
04:52 – 05:59 News segmentsGates current ‘visionary’ position as entrepreneur and philanthropist. 
06:02 process of image reinvention history (Rockefeller) History of establishing institutions that are claimed to be in public interest.
07:15 Comparison Rockefeller and Gates
08:04 – 09:04 The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation buying good publicity: spends tens of millions per year on media partnerships. 

8:14 – 08:36 graph of all funded media partners
pull image its impossible to find any area of global health that is untouched by the B&M Gates foundation.
09:30 – 09:41 Founding partner of Gavi, the vaccine alliance
09:42 – 11:30 Seed fund for the Global fund to fight Aids, tuberculosis and Malaria, Global Financing Finanial, CEPI and smaller examples
11:11 – 11:29 “every aspect of the global pandemic has ties to the B&M Gates foundations. for COVID 19 article
11:30-12:49 WHO setting global response for COVID, ties with Gates.
12:50 – 13:54 Lockdown models
13:54 – 15:31 Further lockdown models investigations, USA echo.

15:31 – Fauci and Gates ties
16:09 – 16:36 Event 201 Funded by Gates
16:09 – 17:14 Event 201 video including videos from the exercise.
17:15 Dual Financial Structure of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and the ways it increases its holdings.
19:13 – 20:20 Insular nature of Gates funded research- conflicts of interests. *  20:20-20:51 *Gates net worth doubles through ‘philanthropy’.
20:51 link with Rockefeller philanthropism strategy
21:50 – 22:30 Many have been critical of the G&M Gates foundation **
22:41+ Who is bill gates summary

23:28 PART 2
24:03 – 25:25 Bill Gates Vaccine commitment and profit motive 
25:26 – Bill Gates Plan to vaccine the world.
26:50 – 27:55 Vaccine talking points being repeated by heads of state, health officials and media talking heads. 18 month time frame. 
28:09 how bill gates monopolized public health
28:33 – 29:44 Enumeration of Gates vaccine projects*
29:45 Vaccine surveillance programs and pandemic foreshadowing 
30:40 – 32:09 Bill Gates laying out the exact COVID-19 plan we are observing, including mention of experimental DNA changes.
32:30 – 33:45 “things won’t go back to normal until theres a vaccine for the entire world” narrative despite no scientific backing for this and the dangers of this program 

!* 33:46 – 35:54 Disease enhancement caused by vaccines . 
35:55 -38:33 The rush to push through a covid vaccine, DNA and RNA vaccine and potential problems of using these experimental tactics.
! 38:33 – 40:25 COVID vaccine one of the most dangerous experiments ever conducted. 
40:43 Liability immunity in the USA for any treatment of COVID.
41:31 – Decade of vaccine summary, India human rights infringement.
44:05 – Gates meningitis project, oral polio vaccine undue influence and consequences.
45:27 – 46:45 The revolving door of big pharma, b&m gates foundation. and the prepurchasing of vaccines. *AS IS THE CASE IN CANADA PULL VIDEO
48:28 – 49:35 International Health Reseacrchers funding drive for accelerated vaccine. **
50:07 What is Bill Gates motivated by? control of the human population

50:45 PART 3
51:00 Weird superhero narrative
53:01 Bill Gates and the POPULATION CONTROL GRID
53:28 Good Morning America reporting/propaganda on meeting of Americas most wealthy.
55:40 – 56:02 Reason for meeting : evidence of the population control agenda. 56:16 -57:36 Bill Gates population control evidence
58:07 Inventing new vaccines reduced population growth?
59:54 Using vaccines as sterilization agents. Rockefeller research led to many contraceptions
1:01:15 International Taskforce for fertility regulation
1:01:50 Vaccines sterilized Africans. (Tetanus)
1:02:29 -1:04:10 Sterilization and Microchip implant contraception.
1:04:27 Description of broader population control agenda. GAVI example: biometric identity
1:05:31 India example of biometrics: ID 2020
1:07:30 Merging of vaccine and identity
1:07:51 Bar Code tattoo of vaccination schedule
1:09:21 a COVID vaccine is trackable
1:09:59 – 1:10:38 Gates : “We will need digital certificates to provide whose been vaccinated and who hasn’t.”
1:11:00 Onfido, on track to provide digital certification in order to access public space.
1:11:45 Government of India ‘largest social experiment on earth’, biometric ID.
1:14:00 Aadhaar system connections with china and other projects.
1:15:28 ID4D
1:16:08 -1:16:48 ‘Financial Inclusion’ lie
1:18:32 Digital identification grid tied to digital payment grid
1:19:30 Better than cash alliance
1:21:50 pieces of the population control grid puzzle
1:22:27 – 1:25:31 The Indian experiment ABUSE
1:25:55 Earth now LLC

1:27:02 PART 4
1:29:11 Bill gates identity propaganda
1:30:47 Negative press
1:31:37 Microsoft big break came from a family connection
1:33:11 Gates founding products all stolen from other technicians.
1:34:03 20×1 return for “health” (vaccine) investment
1:35:58 Family background: Rich and privileged, connected to banks.
1:37:32 Inherited from parents
1:38:34 Commodifying open sourced code
1:40:41 Family charity background. ‘the population issue’
1:41:39 Eugenics
1:43:39 George Bernard Shaw eugenics speech
1:44:24 Rebranding of the Eugenics ideas
1:45:19 -1:47:39 Bill Gates is NOT TO BE TAKEN AT FACE VALUE ** PULL VIDEO Eugenics and Rockefeller link
1:48:15 -1:50:45 Hidden associations : Epstein
1:51:19 Controlled breeding interest
1:54:03 Is bill gates motivated by Eugenics?
1:55:32 Bill Gates dating profile
1:56:50 Why is he motivated to build such a web of control?
1:58:44 what if BG is a eugenicist?
2:00:00 Summary of all 4 sections

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